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Front-end Framework vs. Library. What's the difference?

Published on Jan 09 2023

Last updated on Jan 09 2023

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What are the fundamental differences between a front-end framework and a library? This might be a boring question to ask but understanding the answer is a great way to strengthen your programming foundation.

What is a front-end framework?

A front-end framework is a pre-built set of tools and conventions for building web interfaces. It provides a structure and set of standard practices for organizing and building out your interface, and often includes features such as responsive layout, UI components, and a set of predefined CSS styles.

Some examples of front-end frameworks include Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize.

What is a library?

Here, we are not talking about your local library. We are talking about libraries in programming. A library is a collection of pre-written code that you can use to perform specific tasks.

A library does not provide a structure or set of conventions for building out your interface, but rather offers a set of tools that you can use as needed.

Some examples of libraries used in front-end development include jQuery, Lodash, and Axios.

When to choose which?

You might choose to use a front-end framework if you want to quickly build out a well-structured, functional interface with a consistent look and feel. A framework can save you time by providing a set of predefined styles and UI components that you can use out of the box. However, using a framework can also be more restrictive, as it can be difficult to customize the framework to fit your specific needs.

On the other hand, you might choose to use a library if you only need to perform a specific task and do not need the structure or conventions provided by a framework. A library can be more lightweight and easier to customize, but it may require more work to integrate into your project and may not provide as many pre-built features as a framework.

Front-end Framework vs. Library

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